Marine Industrial Lighting Systems has remained an industry leader due to our work with cutting-edge technologies and commitment to constantly improving our products and providing new ideas and innovations to our clients. We use several methods to bring these creative new ideas to life and provide our customers with the highest quality custom products and the most innovative designs in the Marine Lighting industry.

MILS uses modern Computer Aided Drafting programs like Solidworks, AutoCAD and Fusion360 to create custom designs and models to create new products for prototyping, custom products for our clients unique needs and even specialized parts for retro-fitting existing equipment with new technologies such as LEDs and Micro-Controllers.

The true power of the drafting programs we use is unlocked by our 3D printing capabilities. Using Cutting-Edge 3D printer technology in the form of our 3D printer, we are able to design and prototype a limitless range of products, ideas and parts to fulfill almost any requirement. Using this method of prototyping we can take an idea from its initial design to its final revision and have it ready to produce on a larger scale in a matter of days, saving us and our clients precious time in today’s busy world.

Our design team uses modern lighting design software to create lighting calculations for anything from a single room to the entire lighting plan for a Marine Vessel. Regardless of the scale of the project, programs like AGI32 and Dialux coupled with our experience and skill can provide you with your lighting solutions quickly and accurately.